WordCraft Self-Study Program

We’re Dana Kalin and Shantini Suntharajah, and we’re here to show you how to call in a continuous stream of dream clients and a beautiful flow of income to your spiritual business using the power and energy of words. 

When it comes to creating a successful, soul-aligned business, it all comes down to one thing…


Words create the connection and the communication that will allow you to reach the people who need you and your gifts and talents.

This 6-module program breaks down the overwhelming task of writing words that sell and compel your ideal clients into whipping out their wallets and buying anything you offer!

You’ll learn the most powerful copywriting secrets, techniques and tips that only the very best, high end copywriters use…

And you’ll learn how to implement all of these, easily and naturally, into your own copy.

By the end of your 6 modules in WordCraft you will be able to complete your website copy with ease, have the skills needed to write powerful sales pages that sell and write social media posts that create massive engagement and sales.

You will be able to tell your story in a way that creates a loyal tribe of kindred spirits who love you and all that you offer, and you will be able to skillfully and easily create content that provides crystal clear value and leaves people wanting more…

Here are The Writing Modalities, Rituals, Techniques and Tools You’ll Discover Inside WordCraft…

Chapter 1: Connecting with Universal Creative Energy & Tapping Into the Energy of Your Writing Voice

You’ll discover how to connect with Universal Creative Energy and raise your creative vibration as you unearth your personal writing voice. Your writing voice is distinctive and it is essentially the source of the energy and spirit behind your written words. When you write with your own unique voice, your words will naturally stand out from the crowd and draw in your dream clients who are aligned with who you are and what you offer.

Chapter 2: Designing Powerful Writing Rituals and Creating a Sacred Creative Space

Writing is a divine act of creation. It needs to happen in a sacred space and be supported by the right rituals. You will learn ideas, suggestions and insights on how to create a beautiful, inviting sacred space that inspires you to write and you will learn how to put together writing rituals that will dissolve resistance around the act of writing. You’ll be introduced to the concept of the mini “Writing Retreat” which you can turn to whenever you need to channel creative energy to write for longer periods of time.

Chapter 3: Crafting Magnetic Online Content With Ease (Part 1)

Magnetic content contains core elements and structures that consistently captivate and entrance readers. Some of these elements include the benefits (and not the features) of your products and services, your core message and intention before you begin to write and simple, powerful language when you craft content. You’ll learn how to master all of these elements in your writing.

Chapter 4: Crafting Magnetic Online Content With Ease (Part 2)

The core elements of effective, powerful writing are so important that we’ll spend 2 weeks focusing on them. This week, you’ll discover how to craft amazing, irresistible headlines, understand the power and the purpose of Calls to Action and how to use them effectively and how to craft beautiful stories within your posts and pages so your ideal clients can relate to you and connect with you on a deep, emotional level. You will also be introduced to the incredibly important writing checklist that will speed up your writing process and create crystal clarity in your writing.

Chapter 5: Creating Amazing Website Pages + Social Media Posts That Impact, Influence & Inspire Your Dream Clients

This week, you’ll take everything you’ve learned about the elements of great writing and learn how to apply them to create amazing anchor pages on your website — your home page, about page and services page — as well as social media posts that dazzle and delight your audience. You will also learn how to write the segments and sections that make up the foundational structure of impactful website anchor pages as well as social media posts that engage and inspire likes, loves and wows!

Chapter 6: Calling in A Consistent Flow of Income With Powerful, Authentic Sales Copy

Sales. Selling. These words strike fear in the hearts of just about every spiritual entrepreneur! But selling isn’t something to be afraid of when you understand how to write in a way that truly speaks to your dream clients and invites and inspires them to buy what you have to offer. We’ll release fears around writing your sales page by breaking it all down into easy-to-write segments so you’ll understand the essentials and know how to write a beautiful, effective sales pages that sell…with the energies of truth and love.

WordCraft Is Uniquely Designed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and It Isn’t Like Any Other Writing Program Out There…

As a spiritual entrepreneur your struggles around communicating your talents and gifts are unique.

What you do isn’t based on cookie cutter strategies or methodologies that are easily explained. You deal in energies and modalities that are mysterious, mystical and even miraculous.

You aren’t an everyday entrepreneur and this isn’t an everyday writing program.

You will discover how to draw out the essence of what you do using grounded, understandable language that is engaging and inspiring to your dream clients.

Language that will ultimately call in the abundance, prosperity and income that you desire and that you absolutely deserve.

Join Us and Start to Create a Beautifully Aligned, Successful Spiritual Business with The Magic and Power of Words!


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